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2013-11-14 12:43
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2012-08-08 to 2013-11-14
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Lines of Code

Lines of Code


Author Lines of Code
mikescu 14331 (77.1%)
snakebln 4267 (22.9%)

Tag Cloud of Words in Commit Log Messages

actions array basic before better bugfix case change check class classes clean code complete config configurable container containing content controller controls correct create definition design diagram dialog directory document documentsave documentsaveas edit elements errors exception export failed feature file filename first fixed form full function helper html implement implementation implemented initial inner input jenkins list load main maincontroller maincontrolling makefile menu method metrics mindmap mockup model open operation partial position preview program project property related removed removelast rename save setting start store structure syncronize tdialogcontroller tdiskdocument tdocumentfactory test text tmaincontroller type unit unittest user version view wiki wikidata window wrong



directory in repo [root] (4 files, 284 lines)
    directory in repo bin (2 files, 2 lines)
    directory in repo codesketches (0 files, 0 lines)
        directory in repo innerform (6 files, 294 lines)
    directory in repo controllers (2 files, 445 lines)
    directory in repo core (8 files, 1568 lines)
    directory in repo documents (3 files, 3827 lines)
        directory in repo usecases (1 files, 0 lines)
    directory in repo forms (4 files, 4016 lines)
    directory in repo graphics (1 files, 0 lines)
        directory in repo png (0 files, 0 lines)
            directory in repo 32px (7 files, 0 lines)
        directory in repo svg (7 files, 2983 lines)
    directory in repo installer (2 files, 168 lines)
    directory in repo tests (15 files, 3072 lines)

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